This is the index of APIs which are available for this API Portal.

Click on an API in order to see more information on it and to subscribe to it. Only after subscribing, you will get an API key which enables you to actually call the API.

Here you can add custom text and generic information on your APIs, and it will appear on the /apis page. As the selection of APIs may depend on the groups a user belongs to, you should perhaps not assume you can refer to specific APIs, as long as they are not publicly visible.


API Categories


This is a sample Petstore cool server. You can find out more about Swagger at http://swagger.io.

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Portal API

This is the API for wicked, which is used to store the entire state of the portal. Can e.g. be used for automation.

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Echo API

A simple echo API which can be used to test authentication and authorization integrations, or for demonstration purposes. Supports all OAuth2 flows.

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